Click2Call Introduction

Click2call Exploit your Website’s full potential by offering customers an Instant Connection to a live Sales or Support Person while they are visiting your site.

A simple solution allows your customer to call your landline and mobile phone at no charge to them. A small customize button placed in your website which will minimize the distance of your client to a mouse click.

Surveys show that 30% to 40% of prospective customers want to speak to a sales representative just before they place an order.

A well designed website answers most questions but many customers still want to talk to a knowledgeable person prior to making the order for services final.

Click2Call facilitates communications between customers and vendors.

Online Demo Links 

[Demo Link 1 (new)]  [Demo Link 2]  [Demo Link 3]

You can use click2call on your websites for free, Download samples from forum As long as aggrement to license screen in the click2call component and giving proper credits where they are deserves.


Paid version Features

  • Company brandings or OEM With company logo, control name unique object id and without popups,message boxes and system tray icons. 
  • Codecs support G729A, ilbc, gsm, speex, ulaw and alaw. 
  • Unlimited copies for client distribution.
  • Host on Unlimited websites.
  • Customizations like fetching balance from urls *Automatically posting userid/passwords to get the balance, call rates etc by GET or POST methods. 
  • Tunneling over TCP *Can tunnel out on encrypted web ports, separate setup required on server side. (beta)
  • Customize IAX2 commuinication ports, Client Listen port and Server port can be control by simple properties.
  • Authentication Encryption Using RC4 algorithm. (available with PHP version)
  • License control can be use for creating custom softphones, click2call and webphone scripts. 
  • 3 months bug/fix and features updates. 
  • Can be programmed with any COM supported language for PC development (e.g HTML/Web Pages, VisualBasic, Microsoft Office, VisualC,Delphi, .Net etc) and can be used with any server side script for webphone and click2call scripts (e.g PHP/Perl/ASP (VBScript/C#Script) etc)
  • Other features can be added on request, depends on development time.


Paid version Terms and conditions

  • 400$ for single hostname (IP address or FQDN*) 
  • Payment methods will be Western Union (Prefered) Please read Payment Procedure for western union payments.
  • Also Payment can be done by
  • Control will only use with one asterisk but can distribute unlimited copies of controls for softphone, webphones and click2call scripts.
  • Our Cab signing certificate will be used for signing the control to make sure it will be safe for scripting, but if you want to sign it yourself with your own certificate you can do that very easily.
  • We will provide custom control in 2 to 3 working days after receiving the payment and customization details.
  • We will not provide our certificate with the licensed control.


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